May 27, 2015
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The Bug Umbrella easily and quickly converts from a fashionable Market Umbrella into a completely Screened in Gazebo.

The Bug Umbrella stores folded down just like any other market umbrella. The lower crank is turned to open the umbrella. The valence straps are released revealing the screen sides before they are lowered.

Bug Umbrella Photo
The weighted screen sides are then lowered by turning the upper crank handle. With the screen sides lowered the Bug Umbrella creates a completely screened in gazebo.


This Unique design has two crank handles, one to raise the umbrella and one for the screen sides. The Over-lapping panel doors provide easy hands free entry and exit with no zippers. The Bug Umbrella replaces ordinary patio or market umbrellas, it is not an accessory to be used with an existing umbrella and is proudly designed and made in America and has a three year warranty.

Occupies a 10'x10' or 8'x8' space when the screen sides are down.

Key Benefits:

No assembly required
No components to remove and store
Aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to handle
Environmentally friendly insect control
Fits into a standard market umbrella stand
11 foot wingspan provides abundant shade
Screen sides are stored in the valence straps
Creates 1000 cubic feet of insect free space


Standard Canopy Colors:  

 Beige and Forest Green


Custom Canopy Colors:

If you would like to choose one of the custom colors please download

the Fabric Swatch pdf below and email the color codes of your choice to

Include your mailing address and actual fabric swatches will be mailed to you for inspection.

Include as many as you like.


Frame Color:


Bug umbrella cranks

Poly Screen Accessory:

Optional two pieces of  poly screen fabric 5'x12' to staple onto the underside of your deck, keeps insects from flying up from between your floor decking.


Buy Now

  •  11 Foot Bug Umbrella Gazebo $995.00

  • 9 Foot Bug Umbrella Gazebo $925.00

** To order call Toll Free: 877-340-BUGS (877-340-2847) ** 

Buy Now

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days you can return the Bug Umbrella for a full refund.  

If you would like more information or to purchase a Bug Umbrella Please:

Call Toll Free: 877-340-BUGS (877-340-2847)



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